The Mutation Station

The Mutation Station

Podcast: The Mutation Station
Host: Mish Cavanagh-Downs
Category: Science
Sub-Category: Natural Sciences, Nature
First Episode: 2023

The Mutation Station is a gripping 10-episode podcast that delves deep into the fascinating world of genetic mutations. Hosted by a mutant, each episode explores a different mutation, from the well-known like Heterochromia Iridium to the more obscure like chimerism and diastema. Listeners will be taken on an enlightening journey through the intricacies of each mutation, learning about the genetic causes and how they manifest in the human body. But “The Mutation Station” doesn’t just stop there. Each episode will also dive into the historical and cultural significance of these mutations, exploring how they’ve been perceived and treated throughout history. Listeners with an interest in Heterochromia Iridium will be particularly captivated by this podcast. They’ll learn about the genetics behind this fascinating condition that results in one eye being a different colour from the other, and how it’s been viewed in different cultures around the world. But even those without a specific interest in Heterochromia Iridium will find something to enjoy in The Mutation Station. The podcast provides a rare opportunity to learn about the unique mutations that make us all different, and to appreciate the diversity of the human experience. Overall, The Mutation Station is an engrossing podcast that is sure to appeal to anyone with a curious mind and an interest in the incredible diversity of human genetics.

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