Seeking Eudaimonia

Seeking Eudaimonia

Podcast: Seeking Eudaimonia
Host: Joe Busuttil
Category: Health & Fitness
Sub-Category: Mental Health & Well Being, Self-Improvement & Advice
First Episode: 2022

Unlike our everyday concept of happiness, eudaimonia is not a state of mind, nor is it simply the experience of joys and pleasures. Moreover, happiness is a subjective concept. Eudaimonia, in contrast, is meant as an objective standard of ‘happiness,’ based on what it means to live a human life well.Most of the world believes that happiness equals pleasure. A life that maximises the amount of positive feelings and minimises the amount of negative ones is a happy life.Happiness equals pleasure? Whereas happiness is closely associated with an assessment of the quality of an individual’s life, that is purely subjective, Eudaimonia is more concerned with a life as a desirably objective. This notion makes Eudaimonia a more comprehensible and embracing idea for us all. The pursuit of happiness will always heavily rely on the outcome of this pursuit, have I achieved happiness? Whereas if we chose to live our lives not in pursuit of happiness but rather in a Eudaimonically oriented way then happiness would be a by-product to many other positive emotions and achievements throughout this journey.

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