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Jukurrpa Stories - Jukurrpa Stories

Podcast: Jukurrpa Stories – Jukurrpa Stories
Category: Society & Culture
Sub-Category: Culture & Identity
First Episode: 2023

Jukurrpa describes the time of creation for Indigenous peoples of the Central Desert region of the Northern Territory; the Anmatjere, Arrernte and Warlpiri people. It is sometimes called the Dreaming. Jukurrpa stories tell how the landscape came to be, how animals and plants got their features, and explain language, ceremony, and law. This collection of Jukurrpa stories in Warlpiri language celebrates the role of oral storytelling in passing down and holding culture for generations to come. – Jukurrparluju ka ngalpa yirri-purami yapa kujalu palka jarrija muku central Desert Region wardingki Northern Territory wardingki patu ngulaju: Anmatjere patu, Arrernte patu manu Warlpiri patu yapa. Yirdi mani kalu nyampuju Dreaming. Jukurrpa jarungkuju ka ngalpa ngarrirni nyarrpa kuja palka jarrija nguru, nyarrparlu kujalu yinngirri manu yirdi manu animals watirli manu plants watirli, manu yimirlangu nyarrpa kalalu wangkaja, kurdijiki manu law-ku. Nyampurra collections wati jukurrpa yimi kirli jaru warlpirirla, ngulangkuju ka celebrate mani role yangka yimi jukurrpa ngarrirninjakuju kujalu jana yungu kamparru warnurlu culture mardaninjaku ngalipa nyangu jalangu warnu kurdu-kurdukulku.

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