CuriousGrowth – Making Small Business Grow

curiousGrowth - Making Small Business Grow

Podcast: curiousGrowth – Making Small Business Grow
Host: Tom Adam
Category: Business
Sub-Category: Entrepreneurship
First Episode: 2021

Lots of entrepreneurs started their businesses as part-time side hustles while working for someone else, and small portion of them have managed to take their business and turn it into a full-time gig.This podcast series is an insight for those who have or want to take their business full-time as I go about interviewing business owners on the verge and those who have already done it. My name is Tom Adam, I went full-time with my business in 2018 – which is actually my 2nd business idea – and haven’t looked back. Now I’m keen to share and learn what it takes and help others on their way.

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