What To Expect When You’re Injecting

What To Expect When You're Injecting

Podcast: What To Expect When You’re Injecting
Host: Cassie Silver
Category: Health and Fitness
Sub-Category: Alternative Health, Medicine, Parenting
First Episode: 2021

Fiercely infertile Cassie Silver takes listeners on a journey through the world of infertility, sharing stories from men and women, as well as her own. Nothing is off limits in this uncensored podcast, as the Australian media identity explores the highs and lows of infertility and everything in between… your legs (literally). A seamless mix of storytelling and education, the raw conversations are set to provide comfort to anyone on the rollercoaster ride to conceiving. Plus, we’ll have a laugh where it’s most inappropriate and ask experts the questions we’ve all Googled. Doctors and donors, surrogates and semen, miscarriages and milestones. For men and women, who love men or women.

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