Stellar’s Podcast Series With Shaun McCambridge

Stellar's Podcast Series With Shaun McCambridge

Podcast: Stellar’s Podcast Series With Shaun McCambridge
Host: Shaun McCambridge
Category: Education
Sub-Category: Self-Improvement
First Episode: 2017

Stellar’s Podcast Series with Shaun McCambridge, Managing Director, is a podcast that aims to inspire growth and change the lives of its listeners. His new podcast season: Debunking your growth mindset, will hear great stories from inspirational figureheads and also phycologists, and experts on how to improve on ones mindset status quo. During his first series, Inspirational Leaders podcast episodes, there was an emerging theme across the interviews that focused around improving and growing one’s mindset. He is now excited about entering his second podcast season: ‘Debunking your growth mindset’.

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