The DNA Of Mindful Relationships

The DNA Of Mindful Relationships

Podcast: The DNA Of Mindful Relationships
Hosts: Dilek Yucel and Alex Kain
Category: Society and Culture, Relationships
First Episode: 2018*

Dilek (Di) is an experienced Psychologist and Couples Therapist and Alex is…not. They are a couple who are building a consciously mindful relationship and who love to discuss the ups and downs of relationships with episodes about effective communication, having a fair fight and how to reduce the drama in your life. This podcast is not only for couples searching for ideas to enhance their relationship but also for single people seeking to establish a meaningful relationship. Di and Alex also dive into the world of non-intimate relationships such as work colleagues and parent-child interactions.

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*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.

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