Dice Paper Role A Dungeons & Dragons 5E Podcast

Dice Paper Role – A Dungeons & Dragons 5E Podcast

Podcast: Dice Paper Role – A Dungeons & Dragons 5E Podcast
Hosts: Dan LastDan Last, Greg Pickering, Emil Freund, Jack Kirby Crosby, and Ben Clements
Category: Leisure, Games
First Episode: 2017

Welcome to Dice Paper Role, a weekly Dungeons & Dragons podcast. **WARNING** This podcast contains the following: – Random, warped, and dark senses of humour – An abundance of lame jokes – Hijinks and antics – Adult themes and loads of swearing – High level of nerd factor – Original home-brewed narrative – Frequent references to pop culture – Epic combat descriptions – Aussie accents – A fresh new DM every 10 or so episodes, so you never get bored! Join us on this journey of high production value, original music and original artwork created weekly by cast members and delivered fresh to your eye and ear holes. Hundreds of goblins and other fearsome creatures were harmed in the making of this podcast. We are not sorry. Let’s play some D&D! Roll for initiative…

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