One Mile

Flight Through Entirety: A Doctor Who Podcast

Podcast: One Mile
Hosts: Liz Kehoe and Kurtis Laing
Category: Comedy, Health
First Episode: 2018

Friends. We all have them (probably) and we all love them. But we’ve all got that one mate who no matter how much we love, we can’t help but be appalled at their life, hobbies and habits. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you and that friend pulled a Freaky Friday and swapped lives? Well no need to give your self nightmares because that’s where we come in! Liz has her life together. Kurtis, by all rights, shouldn’t be alive. And every week they’re going to swap a different aspect of their vastly different existences for your podcasting pleasure. Diets, jobs, exercise routines and underwear. Nothing is off the table. Be sure to tune in every Friday to hear them suffer whilst walking One Mile in each other’s shoes.

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Network: Thats Not Canon

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