Savannah To Suburbia

Savannah To Suburbia

Podcast: Savannah To Suburbia – South Sudanese Australian Stories
Host: Jennifer Huxley
Category: Society and Culture
Sub-Category: Personal Journals, Places and Travel
First Episode: 2018*

Listen to the voices of South Sudanese Australians, as their stories become another strand in the richly diverse society that is modern Australia. Most came to Australia from refugee camps after escaping murderous civil war in Sudan. Now they call Australia home. They are making new lives for themselves and their families in a country that offered them refuge but one that has little knowledge of Sudan. Narrated by Jennifer Huxley with music by Ajak Kwai and WJ de King, the five episode series will take listeners on a journey of South Sudan, its history, culture, religions, and people.

Website: Morningside Sound Productions
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*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.

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