Wholehearted Love, Sex And Intimacy

Wholehearted: Love, Sex And Intimacy

Podcast: Wholehearted: Love, Sex And Intimacy
Host: Isiah McKimmie
Category: Health, Society and Culture
First Episode: 2016

Honest conversations, real sex education + powerful advice to help you revel in deep intimacy, loving sex and wholehearted relationships! Hosted by Couples Therapist, Sexologist + Sex Therapist Isiah McKimmie. I believe in a world of meaningful connection, powerful intimacy and loving sex. I believe women deserve to feel empowered around sex – and the world benefits when we are. This podcast lifts the lid on the conversations and real sex ed that we so often don’t get to have. Knowledge is power, so I’m opening up, interviewing guests and answering your questions about all things love, sex and intimacy.

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