The Unlikely Power Couple

The Unlikely Power Couple

Podcast: The Unlikely Power Couple
Hosts: Rachel Thorne and Keegan Thornhill 
Category: Health and Fitness
First Episode: 2018*

From a stay at home, overweight Mum with a belief she was capable of more and a personal trainer and aspiring bodybuilder who was broke, confused and struggling with his identity. Rach runs 2 companies, raises their 3 children, speaks to and inspires women to demand more from themselves and of course, is Keegz number 1 fan! Keegz is now a Professional WBFF Muscle Model and one of the countries most sought after Body Recomposition and Comp Prep Specialists, coaching athletes both nationally and internationally. Edited and produced by James Mayer.

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*Note: This podcast is no longer available.

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