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The Curb | Culture. Unity. Reviews. Banter

Podcast: The Curb | Culture. Unity. Reviews. Banter
Host: Andrew F Peirce
Category: TV and Movies
First Episode: 2018

On this show, you’ll find themed episodes under the following banners: Not A Knife – all things culture are encompassed in this monthly episode. Find everything from interviews with people who work at NASA, to discussions about life and music. In short, anything that’s… Not a Knife. Round About – this is where you’ll find all things political. With round about discussions about what’s going on in Australian politics, and at times, politics from around the world. Context Sensitive – taken from the great Conkers Bad Fur Day game, Context Sensitive is about the inner workings of games and a dig into the actions caused by a simple button press. Up Down Under – a monthly episode that explores culture from all around the world. Each month, a new guest will bring a cultural item from their part of the world to discuss, while Andrew brings a cultural item from Australia to talk about. And… The Last New Wave – the return of the show dedicated to Australian cinema. Find interviews with Aussie filmmakers, discussions about Aussie films, and more on this periodical.

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