UnderState: Lucille Butterworth

UnderState: Lucille Butterworth

Podcast: UnderState: Lucille Butterworth
Host: Adam Shand
Category: Society and Culture, True Crime
First Episode: 2018*

In our world, there is a layer of official myth-making that obscures the truth. When you get past that you learn how things really are, the secrets that are being defended and the half-truths being peddled. This is the UnderState you don’t get to see. A place where justice is sometimes elusive. Hosted by Adam Shand (Understate: Lawyer X, Understate: In Plain Sight, Adam Shand At Large, The Trials Of The Vampire).

Website: UnderState: Lucille Butterworth
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Network: PodcastOne Australia

*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.

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