Dads Don’t Know

Dads Don't Know - Parenting "Unsights" From Fatuous Fathers, Kids Show Reviews

Podcast: Dads Don’t Know – Parenting “Unsights” From Fatuous Fathers, Kids Show Reviews
Hosts: Andrew Montesi, Ben Avery, and Tom Richardson
Category: Kids and Family
Sub-Category: Parenting
First Episode: 2018*

In the world of celebrity mummy bloggers, the voice of the Dad often goes unheard. Dads know stuff too, right? Or do they? Dads Don’t Know takes you deep into the minds of fathers, to get their insights and real perspectives on all facets of parenting. With discussions ranging from child birth, to raising toddlers, education and much more, it is more than likely you will be shocked, appalled and perhaps offended by the revelations. The team at Dads Don’t Know also believe that producers of children’s television shows should be held to a higher standard.

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*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.