Basha Effect

Basha Effect

Podcast: Basha Effect
Host: Izhar Basha
Category: Business, Health
First Episode: 2018

If you want real talk about how to perform better in all facets of your life without the fluffy excuses, rainbows and unicorns, the Basha Effect Podcast is for you. It’s raw. It’s real. And it might hurt you a little bit. But without pain, there is no gain! My name is Izhar Basha and I am your host. I’m an Australian with Fijian/Indian heritage. My family migrated from Fiji when I was 5 years old, and my entire life I have been obsessed about performing and excelling in everything I do to ensure that my parents’ sacrifices and battles were not in vain. I’m an ex-lawyer, and I’ve run and managed numerous successful businesses in my life. My key businesses are EHPlabs (the world’s fastest-growing health supplement brand) and BIG Property Group (a luxury property development and infrastructure business). I’ve learnt a lot of lessons in my life, and I’ve dug deep to find solutions to my problems and the motivation to continue to power on.

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