How Good's Footy

How Good’s Footy

Podcast: How Good’s Footy
hosts: Joel Duscher, Sean Carney, and Tom Reed
Category: Sports, Football (Aussie Rules)
First Episode: 2018

How Good’s Footy? is a weekly AFL podcast where we ask the most important sporting question of all: Just how good is footy? The Sanspants crew bring their irreverence and nerdy enthusiasm to the world of Aussie Rules, each week exploring the highlights and lowlights of this majestic game while also doing their best to explain the intricate rules and unusual terminology to the uninitiated out there. So join Duscher, Carney and Tom as they barrack, cry, make baseless predictions and argue their heavily biased AFL opinions each week. Don’t you want to know how good’s footy?

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Network: Sanspants Radio

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