Sweet Teen Club

Sweet Teen Club

Podcast: Sweet Teen Club
Hosts: Carly Jacobs and Stacey Roberts
Category: Comedy
First Episode: 2016*

Grab your docs and your plaid, we’re heading back into the eyeliner-heavy ’90s (because honestly, where else would you rather be?!). Every week Carly Jacobs and Stacey Roberts go deep into nostalgia town – whether it’s discussing the finer points of Sweet Valley High novels, which Body Shop Born Lippy flavour was better, the fashion of Clueless, or why Degrassi was the best show ever made – you can bet they’ll bring the goods. So turn up your Discman and get your ears ready – it’s about to get a whole lot very up in here!

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*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.

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