What Matters

What Matters

Podcast: What Matters
Hosts: Hans Lee and Bennett Pilkington
Category: News, News Commentary
First Episode: 2018*

Why does it matter? How does it matter? 2SER’s What Matters is the new podcast series from 2SER News – looking at the how and the why in our world. Join moderators, Hans Lee and Bennett Pilkington, as they unpack the news world this week with the experts you need to hear. From rethinking your vote to challenging the way you look at the economy, What Matters promises a refreshing and exciting way to shape what you know. It’s news debate – with a difference. What Matters – live every Sunday from Sydney and Singapore.

Website: What Matters
Connect: Twitter and Facebook and Instagram
Listen: Google or Apple or Spotify or RSS
Network: 2SER

*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.

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