My Bloody Website Podcast

My Bloody Website Podcast

Podcast: My Bloody Website Podcast
Hosts: Darryl King and Edmund Pelgen
Category: Business
First Episode: 2017*

We’re a couple of old Internet Hacks that have done a few things over the years. We still help people build out online assets and market them and come across many frustrated or confused people working in businesses that aren’t getting the right info when they need it. We’ve been threatening to collaborate on a video or podcast series for a while, and finally, we decided on this. Yes, the name is very Australian in its own way, bugger it we swear if we have to, rant and rave when needed and work all day in t-shirts. Hopefully, you’ll find something useful here as we take a journey discussing all the things that come up day to day for people working online.

Website: My Bloody Website Podcast
Connect: Twitter Darryl, Edmund and Facebook
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*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.

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