Podcast: Love-Life
Host: Jane Donovan and Rebecca Dettman
Category: Education
Sub-Category: Self-Improvement, Spirituality
First Episode: 2013*

What happens when a relationships expert meets a spiritual coach? You learn how to clear your emotional blocks, break through fears, come into alignment with your true purpose and fast-track your success, love and personal power! As independently heard on FreshFM, Nova, PowerFM, “Love Doctor” Jane Donovan and “Psychic in Stilettos” Rebecca Dettman have come together for the first time as a dynamic duo with a power-packed show. Combining their thousands of hours of wisdom in two fields – Love and Life Purpose – Jane and Rebecca are here to help you achieve happiness for your heart and soul.

Website: Love-Life
Connect: Twitter Jane, and Facebook and Instagram Jane
Listen: Google or Apple or Spotify or RSS
Network: The Wellness Couch

*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.

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