Childproof The Podcast

Childproof The Podcast

Podcast: Childproof The Podcast
Hosts: Tony Martin and Geraldine Quinn
Category: Comedy
First Episode: 2017*

Childproof is an unproduced TV sitcom written by Tony Martin and Sarina Rowell. The six episodes were performed live at the 2017 Melbourne Fringe by Tony Martin, Geraldine Quinn, Roz Hammond, Andrew McClelland, Damian Cowell, Cristina Laria, Djovan Caro and Lachy Hulme, with a gaggle of guests and narration by Jay Mueller. Contains foul language. Not suitable for children.

Website: Childproof The Podcast
Connect: Twitter Tony, Geraldine and Facebook
Listen: Google or Apple or RSS
Network: Bad Producer Productions

*Note: Seems to have ceased production.

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