Mark Pesce – The Next Billion Seconds

Mark Pesce - The Next Billion Seconds

Podcast: Mark Pesce – The Next Billion Seconds
Host: Mark Pesce
Category: Technology, Tech News
First Episode: 2017

The future of tech: the next one billion seconds are the most important in human history as technology transforms the way we live and work. The rate of change we will experience will be the fastest humanity has ever seen. Mark Pesce (Mark Pesce – Betabank, TWISTA – This Week In Startups Australia) is an inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator and broadcaster whose work and global connections in all things internet and tech extend back to the early days of the web. He speaks to the brightest minds shaping this new world and creating the future via smartphones, connected devices, artificial intelligence and beyond.

Website: The Next Billion Seconds
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Network: PodcastOne Australia

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