Extreme Vetting With The Chaser

Extreme Vetting With The Chaser

Podcast: Extreme Vetting With The Chaser
By: The Chaser
Category: Comedy
First Episode: 2017*

You can’t trust anyone nowadays. The level of sedition, anti-authority behaviour and advertiser-unfriendly thought-crime has reached record levels — especially among Australia’s “elites”. Luckily, The Chaser is here to sort the subversives from the patriots. Each week, The Chaser puts a comedian, writer or politician through the wringer, interrogating them on behalf of the Australian government. The stakes are high. If they fail, The Chaser has been granted the power by Peter Dutton to revoke their citizenship immediately and banish them to Nauru, or worse, New Zealand. Other podcasts by The Chaser include Cat’s Pyjamas With The Chaser and Radio Chaser Catchup.

Website: Extreme Vetting with The Chaser
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Network: PodcastOne Australia

*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.

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