By The Glass

By The Glass

Podcast: By The Glass
Hosts: Chris Komorek and Alister Robertson
Category: Arts
Sub-Category: Food and Drink
First Episode: 2017*

By The Glass is an entertaining podcast about the people involved in Australia’s finest booze and food. Hosts: Chris Komorek and Ali Robertson. Chris has a Bachelor of Media and has worked in radio and digital journalism for five years. His enthusiasm and desire to learn drives his ability to hold a conversation with almost anyone. For years he’s wanted to be able to share those conversations, especially the ones over a glass of wine, which is how this podcast was born. His favourite drink is Southwark Bitter. Alister has qualifications in Food Writing, Creative Advertising and Wine Tasting, as well as a decade behind the bar. It’s big in Tasmania.

Website: By The Glass
Connect: Twitter Chris, Ali, and Facebook and Instagram
Listen: Google or Apple or Spotify or RSS

*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.

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