Sleek Geeks Podcast

Sleek Geeks Podcast

Podcast: Sleek Geeks Podcast
Hosts: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer
Category: Science
Sub-Category: Science News
First Episode: 2014*

Sleek Geeks sees Dr Karl (Dr Karl On TripleJ, Shirtloads Of Science, Great Moments In Science) and Adam Spencer mix science with humour as they set out to answer some of the perplexing scientific mysteries we encounter on a daily basis. Download and enjoy this highly entertaining science-fuelled knowledge whirlwind and, as the Sleek Geeks like to say, “Learn something without even noticing”…

Website: Dr Karl
Connect: Twitter and Facebook
Listen: Google or Apple or Spotify or RSS

*Note: No new episodes have been released in the past 12 months.

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