Drinks Adventures

Drinks Adventures

Podcast: Drinks Adventures
Host: James Atkinson
Category: Arts, Society and Culture
First Episode: 2018

Drinks Adventures is a new podcast for adventurous drinkers of beer, wine, spirits, cider… and everything in between. Hosted by drinks writer James Atkinson, The impetus for the podcast is the many exciting trends we are currently witnessing across all categories of premium drinks. Winemakers, brewers and distillers are increasingly experimenting and collaborating with one another on products that blur the definition of what’s in your glass like never before. Today’s drinker is consuming less alcohol overall, and instead spending more on higher quality products that deliver on flavour and are underpinned by authentic stories. The people who produce and champion these fine drinks are the talent you will be hearing from on this podcast. Theme music by Cameo Culture.

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