2 Judgy Mums

2 Judgy Mums

Podcast: 2 Judgy Mums
Host: Hen and Becks
Category: Comedy, Society and Culture
First Episode: 2018

We all know those judgy mums, they think their view is the universal view… they’re always right, and annoying. What if we turn that on it’s head and use satire to point the finger at the judgy mums and find insights into parenting by a parody of the all too real 2 judgy mums. Strong language may be used. Becks is on her first marriage, second child, third pregnancy and is climbing the four walls of her shambolic house. She gets her parenting tips at the dog park and is one day hoping to get a dog. Her favourite child is the one that is asleep. Hen (short for Henrietta) has a boy, a girl and a husband. All three suffer from a rare condition of not-doing-a-f*#king-thing-without-Hen’s-help. She would rather do time in a Bali jail then do craft with her kids. She is currently navigating the uncharted waters of new school mum friendships. Her dream is to one day wear her active gear to a gym.

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