Uncensored Money

Uncensored Money

Podcast: Uncensored Money
Host: Melissa Browne
Category: Business
First Episode: 2018

Join me, Melissa Browne, financial advisor, best-selling author, entrepreneur, accountant (and shoe addict) as I talk to 12 women about their money story. Why a podcast about money? That's because as women we're choosing not to talk about it and when it comes to dealing with money - we’re kind of sucking at it. There is a wage gap that exists not simply in the corporate world but in the world of small and medium business owners where women should be on par with men. There is a gap between men and women that we’ve tossed in the too hard basket for the moment in our superannuation funds. And there’s a widening gap between those who own property and those who do not. And let’s not even talk about the role money and power holds in our society.

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