The Broccoli Roast

The Broccoli Roast

Podcast: The Broccoli Roast
Host: Kale Brock
Category: Health, Society and Culture
First Episode: 2018

Like news but better. Award nominated writer Kale Brock, who's credits also include Filmmaker (The Gut Movie, 2017) and TV Presenter (Network Ten, BCM), shares the latest news in the health space with special guests from all over the globe. Filmed and recorded in studio in Sydney, Australia, Brock's sharp analysis and quick, self-deprecating wit will shift your perspective faster than a magnesium oxide bowel flush. Sitting loosely in the '"Fitness and Nutrition" category, The Roast will analyse society and culture in a way that's as refreshing as a cucumber enema (enough colon references?).

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