That Bad Review With Adrian Easdown

That Bad Review With Adrian Easdown

Podcast: That Bad Review With Adrian Easdown
Host: Adrian Easdown
Category: Business
First Episode: 2018

The That Bad Review podcast focuses on the good, the bad and the ugly of the accommodation industry. Adrian dives deep into the world of holidays and gets right in among the different ways those who work in tourism deal with their clients and manage their businesses. That Bad Review shares stories from real industry people about how they get the job done, day-in and day-out. Adrian invites on his podcast entrepreneurs, CEOs, accommodation owners, accommodation managers, personalities and guests who share their accommodation experiences. Adrian and his handpicked guests demonstrate week after week the joy they have working with happy - and not so happy - holidaymakers. Learning how to deal with reviews and clients is an essential part of working in any service-based industry. 

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